Chewies And Pendants

We Make a Chewy For Every Kind Of Chewer- From Light, Medium To Strong Chewers
Welcome to our shop!  At chubuddy you will find all shapes and sizes of chewies and tethers, straps and holders for your child with autism or special needs.  Check out bracelets for a discreet, fashionable way to provide chewing and fidgeting needs.  Our strong Chew Tubes are great for aggressive chewers who chew through their chewy.  We have a whole assortment of chewy pendants for Light and Medium chewers.  See our starfish, fish, buds and cool robotz designs below.  Thanks and we look forward to working (and chewing) with chew!

chubuddy uses SSL encryption on our site plus we process all payments through or Paypal who are trusted merchant payment clearinghouses.  chubuddy exhibits at the AOTA national conference each year and works closely with OT, PT and Special Ed professionals in the development of our products.

chubuddy knows chewing