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Spiralz Chewable Fidget 4 Necklaces for Autism, ADHD, Sensory Processing, Special Needs Boys and Girls- For Light Chewers Only- by chubuddy (Ice)


  • HELPS WITH FOCUS AND SELF REGULATION- Kids With Autism, ADHD, Sensory, Oral Motor, Biting, Teething and Other Special Needs Can Self Regulate And Calm Themselves Using This Chewy Which Is Always On And Available
  • DECREASES UNDESIRED CHEWING & BITING- This Chewelry Necklace and Bracelet Set Provides A Better And More Suitable Alternative To Chewing Undesired Items Like Fingers, Clothing, Pencils And Other Items
  • CALMING & SATISFYING- chubuddy Chewelry Necklace and Bracelets Make Kids Feel Calmer, Aids Feel Safer And Everyone More Secure Knowing There Is A Ready Outlet For Fidgeting and Light Chewing
  • FOR LIGHT CHEWERS- Not Designed For Moderate or Strong Chewers- Chew Factor 1.5/Light Chewing- If Your Child Is A Medium Or Strong Chewer- Please Look For Chew Factor 2 or Chew Factor 3 Chewies- Spiralz Are Not Designed For Moderate or Strong Chewing
  • YOUTH-SIZED- fits younger kids (ages 3-10) better, but Spiralz stretch so will fit any child to adult
  • SAFETY FOCUS- All chubuddy Chewelry Is Made From BPA-Free, Latex-Free, Phthalates-Free, PVC-Free, Lead-Free, Non-Toxic Materials- DISHWASHER SAFE- You Can Keep Your chubuddy Chewy Clean By Placing It On The Top Rack Of Your Dishwasher
  • 100% WARRANTEED- All chubuddy Products Are Backed By Our 100% Money-Back Warranty- If you are not happy with your chubuddy product just let us know and we will replace, offer a substitute or refund your purchase
  • Necklace Warning:
    • No breakaway clasp (potential strangulation hazard) – Close adult supervision is required
    • Do not use on or around playground equipment or machinery
    • Recommended for ages 12 and older- younger kids should have parental supervision during use
SKU: SPIZ-NECK-ICE4 Categories: , GTIN: 717760722102


Spiralz fidget bracelets and necklaces are a great, discreet way for kids to find calm without being disruptive.  The understated colors of clear, black, blue and red are discreet, typical-looking and fashionable.  They are also super handy when your child needs to fidget or when they need a light chewing alternative.

Spiralz products are made of a non-toxic plastic which is BPA-Free, Lead-Free, Latex-Free, Phthalates-Free, and PVC-Free.  Spiralz are designed for light chewing only.   Chubuddy stands behind our products with our 100% Warranty- we will replace, offer a more appropriate product or refund your money if our product does not suit your child.  Just call us please.

Spiralz are sized for younger and smaller kids- ages 3 to 10, but since Spiralz stretch to over 2 times their relaxed length, they will fit older kids and adults too.

If your child has autism, ADHD, Sensory Processing Disorder, anxiety or just needs a handy, discrete fidget- Spiralz may be the solution you are looking for to maintain calm and satisfy their need to fidget.

Chubuddy understands.  Our son is the reason we started building chewies and chewy holders 10 years ago.  We make chewies for every kind of chewer.  It is our sincere hope that our products will make life for your child and your family better as it has for ours.  Give Your Child a Better Choice- A Chubuddy That Calms & Satisfies.


What if my child doesn’t’ like their Spiralz fidget necklace or bracelet? 

All chubuddy Products Are Backed By Our 100% Money-Back Warranty- If you are not happy with your chubuddy product just let us know and we will replace, sample a new product or refund your purchase.

Do these Spiralz bracelets and necklaces stretch?

Yes, they do- over 2 times their original, relaxed length.  They have “slow” memory which means they do not spring back to original size.  They sort of return to their original length at a snail’s pace.

What is the diameter of the Spiralz bracelet?

Spiralz bracelets are 2” in diameter but expand to over 2 times this diameter when stretched.

What are the height of the coils in the Spiralz bracelet?

The height of the coils in the Spiralz bracelet are ¼” high.

What ages do you recommend for the Spiralz bracelet?

The smaller diameter of 2”” makes this bracelet small enough for young kids starting at age 3.  Since they expand 2 times their original diameter, these can also be worn by older kids up to age 8.  Do not let children use this product unsupervised.

How are these different than your springz bracelets?

Springz bracelets are made in the USA of superior plastic materials.  The coils are not only higher but the cord diameter is much thicker than the Spiralz.  This means they have superior stretch and much better return to original size spring back attributes.  After stretch, they spring back to their original length.  That’s one of the reasons we call them springz.  Springz bracelets are ½” bigger in diameter than the Spiralz bracelets- Springz bracelets are 2 1/2” in diameter where Spiralz bracelets are 2” in diameter.

Chubuddy Springz bracelets are made in the USA of the finest quality, food grade plastics.  They are very durable and have quick “memory” when stretched and return to their original size almost immediately- they spring back!  They also stretch over 3.5 times their original, relaxed length.


What is the length of the Spiralz necklace?

Spiralz necklaces are 10” relaxed length.  This compares with our standard neck lanyards which are 16” long.  These will expand up to 2 times longer when stretched.

What are the height of the coils in the Spiralz necklace?

The height of the coils in the Spiralz bracelet is ¼”.

What ages do you recommend for the Spiralz necklace?

The Spiralz necklace length is 6” shorter than what our Neck Lanyard length.  This makes it a good size for youth starting at age 3 (or larger 1 and 2 year olds).  Do not let children use this product unsupervised.  Since the Spiralz necklace can stretch to over two times it’s original length, this necklace will fit up to adult ages.

Additional information

Weight 2 oz
Dimensions 10 × 8 × 0.5 in


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