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Light Chewers

Light Chewers Don't Usually Chew Through Chews


A light chewer does not chew through tubes, pendants and other chews.  Their chews tend to last a real long time- over 6 months.  This group tends to prefer the softer chews but some may prefer harder ones.  They can pick any chew they like based on their preferences of hardness/softness, shape, size and durability.  Often, light chewers are younger- aged 2-7 yrs.

Light chewers can pick any hardness of chewy that they prefer.  Soft chews (approximately 60A durometer) are very popular, to medium (approximately 70A durometer) to hard (80A+ durometer)

Light chewers can pick any shape they want- including ones that have arms or ridges
Light chewers can pick any size chewy

*Note: every child is different and needs varying levels of adult supervision when using a chewing device. We recommend adult supervision at all times.

This guide is intended as a general guide on the selection of an appropriate chew for your child. There are certainly light chewers over the age of 10 as well as strong chewers under the age of 6. Please consult a professional if you have questions on what is the best chew choice for your child.



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