How To Use Lanyard/Tether/Strap


chubuddy tethers are designed to be attached to the chewer’s shoulder for easy access.  Simply clip the tether onto the right or left shoulder of your chewer for quick and easy access.

The snap clip will release if caught or tugged on firmly.  Please remove tether from chewy if you are going to be washing the chewy in the dishwasher.  The c rings are steel and will corrode if not kept dry.



chubuddy straps have been designed to hold the most popular chewy shapes including those from Chewy Tubes tm, ARK Therapeutic tm and others. For T- shaped products, simply place the down tube through the hole and then thread the C ring through the strap as shown. For chew product with closed loops like Ps and Qs (trade names of Chewy Tubes tm), simply fold over the flexible strap through the loop and then thread the C ring through the strap as shown.

tether & strap/holders

See chubuddy tether & strap/ holders and lanyards here

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