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Customer Reviews


I have never posted a review before on an item, but I had to share my thoughts. I want to say Chubuddy has changed my life and my son’s life drastically. My beautiful son has multiple disabilities and exrteme Pica. Before, chubuddy he has swallowed multiple items such as marbles, rocks, safety pins, coins, etc. He would search everywhere for these items to go right into his mouth. We have tried everything. Once, we started using chubuddy he hasn’t swallowed anything in over a year! Not only does it give him the oral stimulation he needs, it also  helps him not bite himself or me. Chubuddy gave me the confidence to travel 10 hours to Myrtle Beach for Christmas. I would have not been able to do this without chubuddy.😄 The products are easy to clean and made very well. The clip on goes right on his collar and is safe and appropriate. We use the chubuddy as a sensory tool to calm my son in new environments. I can’t wait to see where else we can go around the world with chubuddy. Don’t give up, try this product! It has not only changed my son’s life but has changed my entire household. My son is doing better on the bus, at school, everywhere. Thank you chubuddy, and parents its worth it😆😆

Denise Ropp  December 2018

My son chewed. He chewed on the collars of his shirts. I should say, he chewed through the collars of his shirts. Every shirt. He is the fourth of five children, and number 5 had a brand new wardrobe because his brother had chewed holes in all of his shirts before he could outgrow them.
Eventually, he moved on to tougher things (probably because he got sick of hearing his mother’s primal screams from the laundry room). He developed a real connoisseur’s taste for chewing household objects, particularly electronics cords and the thumb pads on game controllers. After he chewed through a power cable to the computer, we started looking for things that would save our electronics. We tried every oral motor sensory chew there was. We tried making our own. There was no chewy that could stand up to my son’s gnawing. He thought it was funny and called himself “The Squirrel.” I found it frustrating.
Now almost 17, my son still chews. Sometimes I picture him, a few years from now, when he’s in law school (his current dream job), studying in the library with bloody nubs for fingers and stains all those dense law books. Somewhere around fourth grade, he began to refuse his beloved chewies. They were too babyish.
Always the eloquent speaker, my son declared that he had enough going against him to have some “baby chewy” on his pencil or around his neck. Trying to save his shirts and fingers, I have invested, once again, in everything I can find that look like something a teenager would want. We tried the medallions and chew jewelry. He would politely take them and tuck them away, then return to fingers in mouth.
I think I may have found something to save his fingers, shirts, and (yes, still his guilty pleasure) all the game controllers in the house: the Chubuddy Cord Zilla! It has everything a young adult chewer could want: durability, discretion and style. He can chew on the Cord Zilla while playing games, doing homework, taking notes in class, or concentrating on a difficult test and no one will know he’s chewing on a chewy! Having autism is hard. Being a teenager is hard. The Chubuddy Cord Zilla is making some of his life easier, which makes his mom’s life easier, too!
Jeni W
November 29, 2018

My 7 year old son suffers from ADHD and anxiety. He has chewed his fingernails down to the nub and we needed something to relieve it. My ADHD support group advertised Chubuddy. I got on and ordered 3 necklaces. Unfortunately, I ordered the wrong chew factors and he chewed through them fairly quick! I hopped back on and bought a stronger necklace and we have had no issues since! He chews only his necklace and his fingernails are slowly coming back! It has been such a success that his teacher suggested I buy a spare so on hectic days we forget ours, he has one at school for back up. It has been a life–and finger saver. Thank you so much!   

Tiffany B 


Dear Chubuddy,

I am the chewer you are referring to. I have Autism and epilepsy, lupus, fibromyalgia, OCD, and complex PTSD as well as depression. Those are just a few of my disabilities (unique abilities as I call them.) I have an incredibly high IQ at 160 points. I feel the need to tell you this because it will give you an idea of who some of your customers are. In regards to the few chews I’ve purchased from your shop (Amazon or the actual website) I have nothing but great things to say. The chews are stylish, cute and engaging. They are very satisfying when I feel a need to take a nibble. I can take them to work, church, and my Bible study and use them happily and nobody knows the real purpose for them (for me this is ideal) thank you for making such stylish and durable chews and fidget aides, and I wish you the best of luck as a shop, as well as people with families supporting people (like me) with unique super powers like Autism.

Brittany Benton
September 12, 2018

My son has autism and grinds his teeth all throughout the day, with his adult teeth beginning to come in we need something to help him with his sensory overload. This is exactly what we needed! I first bought the fish chewy, not realizing it was for softer chewers. He has actually dented batteries with his bitting so this was not the right fit for him. I simply emailed the company, they were so kind explaining the different chew factors and showed me the product my son needs. They then sent me the right product – TWO chew tubes with the necklace, free of charge!!! I feel truly blessed to have found such a great company and teeth saving products :)!!! Thank you so much Chubuddy!!!!

Chelsea B. December 11, 2017