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Every child is different.  Some tolerate wearing necklaces, others insist on wearing chewies on their wrist, while others need to have the lanyard attached to their shoulder or waist.

Why use a tether and strap, neck lanyard and strap holder?

Keeps Chewies Clean and sanitary
Chewy holders keep your child’s chew off the floor.  This is really important since your child puts the chewy in their mouth.  This also helps to keep the child from throwing their chewy at other kids or staff.

Keeps Chewies Available
Chewy holders keep your child’s favorite chewy with them all day long.  You never know when they will need the chewy and you never know when a staff will need to have the chewy in a situation where someone could get bit.  Chewy holders provide a sense of security for the child and safety for staff that are handling a child.

Keeps Chewies from getting lost
Countless chewies have ended up under sofas, out car windows, taken by other children, etc.  Chewy holders insure that the chewy stays with the child.

How do I know which tether or lanyard is right for my child?
You generally need to try the different tether, lanyard and holder options and find out which one is preferred by your child.  For instance, one child may love their chewy on their shoulder while another finds it uncomfortable.  There are also children that have sensory issues with items placed around their neck.  A shoulder tether may be a perfect solution for this child.

In any event, having a favorite chewy close at hand and clean can be very important.  For certain kids, this can be almost a must-have when professionals are working with them for safety reasons.  

We have found that the shoulder or collar mounted tether is perhaps the least intrusive of the lanyard options but some kids prefer a necklace lanyard.  We suggest trying the shoulder mounted tether and moving to the neck lanyard if that is what your child prefers.


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