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Which Chewy Is Right For Me?


No two chewers are alike.  Each has his/her own preferences.  Finding the right chewy is important and can be done by asking a few questions and/or trial and discovering chewer preferences. Some of the most important variables to the selection of the right chewy include: hardness/softness (measured in durometer);  durability (measured by Chew Factor); shape; size; and of course, the type of chewer your child is.

A lot of selection is experience in understanding your chewers preferences. What hardness or softness of the chewy is preferred? What shapes and size are preferred? What colors and styles are favored by your chewer? Is it important that the chewy not stand out but rather blends in and does not call out attention?

A good chewy supplier will have a variety of shapes, sizes, hardnesses, styles, colors and durability choices for your chewer. They should also have options on how to hold the chewy to keep it clean and close for the chewer.

At chubuddy, we like to start out with the type of durability a chewer needs. This question is answered by how strong your chewer is.

What kind of chewer is your child?  We categorize chewers into 3 groups- light chewers, medium chewers and strong chewers.

Medium Chewers

If you are unsure of which Chew Factor to start with, try Medium Chewers

Light Chewers

If your kiddo is a light chewer, go here.

Strong Chewers

If your kiddo chews through other chewies, maybe likes shoes and other such objects, go here.

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