About chubuddy

chubuddy makes chewies, bracelets, necklaces and lanyard-holders for kids with special needs.  We make a chewy for every kind of chewer.  What we mean by that, is that there are different kinds of chewing needs out there from light chewers, to moderate, to strong chewers who can chew through almost anything.   chubuddy also pioneered the creation of tethers and holders that keep favorite chewies handy and off the floor for kids, parents, care givers and teachers.  The universal chewy strap is a non-toxic accessory that holds most chewies and which can be attached to either the chubuddy tether or neck lanyard for easy access.

We are parents of a child with autism and other conditions.  Our child loves to chew on things, loves things that light up, loves stuff that spins, absolutely loves drums and also loves to jump and spin.  We understand the ups and downs in living with a special needs child on a daily basis.  It is our hope that our products can help make life with an autistic child a little bit easier, happier, more peaceful and even bring a little joy too.  We feel blessed to be able to stay home with our son and to provide products that help people make their daily lives better and happier.

Jane and Chris Chu

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